Employee Engagement

What Is It?

  • Giving the best each day and having a sense of well-being
  • Relationship between the organization and its employees
  • Trust, integrity, communication, and two-way commitment
  • Knowing how the organization is fulfilling its objectives
  • Being included on the team
  • Feeling appreciated
  • Having a voice in moving the organization forward
  • Pride and loyalty in the organization

Why Does It Matter?

  • Leverages employee information and ideas 
  • Increases collaboration within team and across lines of business
  • Creates and sustains a vibrant workplace culture
  • Employees go the “extra mile”

What Are The Benefits?

  • Enhanced creativity and innovation in products, services, and processes
  • Reduced absenteeism, accident rates, conflicts, and grievances
  • Improved talent retention
  • Increased bottom-line results