Client Results

What Clients Are Saying


"I had the pleasure of working with Bonita as my Executive Coach. Through  our work together, I learned to fine tune my style and skills to become  a more effective leader. We talked through situations I was facing at  work and how best to handle them as well as my future career ambitions  and how to best position myself for my next steps. Bonita is extremely  personable and engaging. She cares deeply about her clients’ and their  success. She listens, asks thought-provoking questions to help the  client find his or her own answers, and provides guidance, feedback, and  support throughout the process. I highly recommend working with Bonita  if you are looking to take your skills to the next level!"

 --- Karen Fox Elwell, LSW, MBA, President & CEO, Growing Home, Inc.

Leadership Development

"Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative 

“If you have ever had the pleasure to be in the presence of Bonita, you know she is an amazing communicator – she quickly makes you feel comfortable and trusted. My organization sought out her expertise while creating an executive coaching pilot. Bonita is an exceptional talent consultant who excels in delivering top-notch programs, communication plans, and real-life hands-on coaching for those ready to unleash their potential. Bonita’s flawless style allows her to inspire all levels of leadership. As a successful change agent, Bonita is always in tune with her audience. She is a strategic, creative thinker with a passion for executing organizational goals and objectives. Bonita is an asset for any individual or organization who is interested in bringing their performance to the next level.”

--- Noelle Oberg, Organizational Development Manager, City of Arvada

Employee Engagement

"Our organization had the pleasure of working with Bonita over the course  18 months in many areas of corporate culture development including;  Strategic Planning, Values Alignment, Communications Training, Leadership Development, and Coaching. Bonita used an effective blend of  data, knowledge, and a wealth of experience to create lasting change  within our organization. She brought our leadership team together to  help us launch a comprehensive strategic planning process, organized a  complete and detailed values alignment initiative for our whole company,  and helped employees across our organization learn effective  communication techniques through assessment and training.

She  is a compelling presenter who conveys concepts in a clear and  actionable manner with an engaging and thought provoking style.  Our  team loves her!"

--- Gerard Brigham, former CEO, Eberl Claims Service


"Bonita's book, Communication Under Fire, is my go to communication book  - so much so that it sits open on my desk. I use it to communicate  effectively in the organization (up, across and down) and to come to  resolution with others - especially when emotions are high. I love the  simplicity of the book and the focus on practical application. I have  recommended it to others and am considering making it a standard book  for my team."

--- Katica Roy, CEO, Pipeline Equity


"Bonita is an exceptional facilitator and coach. She has an uncanny way  of engaging the leaders with whom she works while helping them learn. And by the way, did I mention she does it with her great sense of humor!

I think of her and her work so highly, I've invited her to work with me with some of my clients!"

--- Linda Kennedy, Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant



Partial Client List

CenturyLink, City and County of Denver, Cummins Rocky Mountain, Colgate University, Colorado Department of Transportation, Coors Brewing Company, eBay, Eberl Claims Service, Guaranty Bank & Trust, Hewlett Packard, Hospital Corporation of America, Johns Manville, National Conference of State Legislatures, 9News, The Medical Center of Aurora, Charles Schwab, TIAA-CREF, Time Warner Cable, and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.