Focused Results



 We coach individuals and teams to help them overcome obstacles, improve performance and results, and maximize potential. We believe: 

People are not their behaviors

Behaviors are habits

Habits can be changed


This distinctive perspective helps people separate what they have always done from: 1) who think they are, and 2) how they should continue to behave. This framework creates greater willingness to try new attitudes and techniques to attain transformational results.

 We use a data-driven methodology that leverages information obtained through assessments, interviews, and observation to establish a baseline, and aid in prioritizing our actions. We look at strengths, potential derailers, and results to pinpoint the best approach to elevate effectiveness. We often find that one or two actions, structured correctly, can impact multiple areas of need and yield early success. This success amplifies client enthusiasm to leverage the coaching for maximum results.

Our clients breakthrough personal and professional barriers and achieve remarkable transformation!


Leadership Development

  You cannot afford to have a bad leader! The leadership team has a profound impact on the effectiveness of your organization. Numerous studies have shown that often people do not quit a job, they quit a boss. The loss is amplified if it is a prized employee with skills, talents, and ingenuity that moved the organization forward and inspired others. 

We focus on a comprehensive set of capabilities that build resilience and enable leaders to lead the business *and* the people. Effective leadership requires the agility to inspire, influence, collaborate, consult,  set expectations, assess, and make tough decisions –  along with the emotional intelligence and insight to deploy these strategies appropriately.


There is a more profound cultural impact when leadership development occurs with a peer group.  It presents opportunities for peer-coaching, practice, and reinforcement; and raises the mutually agreed upon standards of behavior across the organization.

We help leaders cultivate a set of  integrated  skills that help them navigate leadership demands with impressive success.


Employee Engagement

 Employee engagement is the level of commitment and passion an employee has about their work and their company. Employees go the extra mile because they care about the organization and its customers.  This behavior increases when engagement practices permeate the organization and create a Culture of Engagement. 

Global research shows that a small percentage of employees are Engaged, which means they consistently bring discretionary effort to their roles by going above and beyond what is required. At the other end of the spectrum are Actively Disengaged employees who actively undermine their engaged colleagues, and openly defy best business practices. In the middle are the Not Engaged employees who sleep-walk through their job duties, and are sometimes referred to as “punching the clock,” or “retired on the job.”

The middle group (the Not Engaged employees) present the greatest opportunity to increase overall engagement. Helping them shift into higher levels of engagement improves innovation, customer service, productivity, quality, and more.

Our approach to engagement is to elevate leadership practices and develop avenues of discovery and communication that tap into employees’ unique talents and skills in ways that connect them to the organization and their role in its success.