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Our Experience


Founder and CEO, L. Bonita Patterson, specializes in People Optimization and Organizational Change. She has over 20 years experience in senior management and leadership roles in Fortune 100, mid size, and small companies. Her strength as an executive coach, consultant, and advisor lies in her understanding of human behavior, organizational complexities, and sustainable change.

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Our Approach


We use a data-driven methodology to identify gaps and opportunities, and provide a structured plan to enhance leadership skills and increase employee engagement to resolve both acute and chronic issues that derail success.

  We measure results by clarifying the baseline at the beginning of an engagement and comparing it to the results at the end. This enables clients to see our success in “moving the needle.”

Why Us?


We achieve transformation and results! 

Everything we do elevates individual, team, and organizational success. Our clients are delighted with their management team's enhanced ability to lead; employee's increased ownership and initiative; and the organization's bolstered agility and resilience.

  Bonita and her team of professionals customize solutions that enhance effectiveness and boost results.  

Your success is our success!